If you’re going to be passive aggressive, might as well go all the way. 

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this is important to me

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Celebrities taking the underground

What fucking subway is this

imagine just getting on a train and bam your fav celebrity is sitting there listening to miley cyrus and eating a burrito

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if i ever have kids instead of being like “it’s a boy” im going to send out highly bewildering cards that say things like “it’s the chosen one” and “it’s probably not a lizard” and “we’re not sure what it is, but it just set the couch on fire, please send help” with a different thing to every person i send one to just to see what people show up at the baby shower with

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Don’t ever back me into a corner expecting me to break.

                           I do not go gentle.

             I will take every single tear I shed on your behalf and use it as ammo in the war that you started.

                               I will fight until I can’t fight anymore and I will win.

Because while I might seem fragile to you

                  { I have won more battles than you could imagine }

        and I am stronger than any warrior this planet could muster up.

                                                        You bite me and I will bite back.

           The trick is ——

                                         —— my teeth are [ s h a r p e r  ] than yours.

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New illustration, Lotus

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Fake Pockets: A How To

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As a kid
I was not only told
but promised
that my teenage years
would be my greatest,
my most fun,
my most enjoyable.
So why do I sit here
day in, day out
at the ripe old age of 17
absolutely, completely, hopelessly
Bored of school,
bored of my family,
bored of my friends,
bored of me.
Drawing the same pictures,
skipping the same work
and listening to the same 
five songs on repeat
just to pass the time.

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You won’t believe how much money we paid for untouched photos of these Disney princesses.

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